Talks and Media Appearances

Britain’s global history is a fascinating topic that Bryan loves to discuss with audiences of all ages.  Bryan is an engaging speaker in any medium and he relishes the opportunity to lecture on the upcoming Scottish independence referendum, piracy through the ages, and all topics related to Britain’s interactions with the world since the seventeenth century.

Recent Talks and Media Appearances:

2014            Book reading from The Scottish Nation at Empire’s End, Texas State University, 2 December

2014           “Make or Break,” Historical Expert on the Scottish Independence Referendum for Russia Today, 18 September.  Video available at:

2014           “Coming Apart at the Seams: The Rise of Scottish Nationalism and the Independence Referendum,” British Society of Texas, 18 September

2014           “Empire’s End and the Rise of Scottish Nationalism,” presented to the Center for International Studies Brown Bag Lecture Series, Texas State University, 18 September 

2014          Interviewed for “A Utopia Escocesa,” by Duda Teixeira, Veja Magazine (Brazil), 17 September 2014

2014        “The End of Britain?  The Rise of Scottish Nationalism & the Independence Referendum,” Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas, 10 September

2014       Book Signing for The Scottish Nation at Empire’s End, Festival of Politics, The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Scotland, 15 August

2014      “The End of Empire and the Fragmentation of Britain,” presented at the Glasite Meeting House, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 14 August

2014      “The Independence Referendum: Two Historical Perspectives,” presented at the University of Edinburgh Business School with Professor James Mitchell, 31 July

2014     “The End of Empire and the Scottish Independence Referendum,” presented at King’s College London, Institute of Contemporary British History, 22 July

2014     Intelligence Squared debate with Sir Simon Jenkins, Sir Menzies Campbell, and Michael Gove on whether Scotland should be an independent country, Chalke Valley History Festival, 29 June

2014     “Wartime Diplomacy: The role of the Empire,” presented to the War and peace – diplomacy, espionage and the First World War conference, The National Archives, Kew, London, 28 June. Audio recording available at:

2014   The Scottish Nation at Empire’s End,” presented at the 7th annual Britain and the World Conference, Newcastle University, 21 June

2013    Expert Commentator on the historical accuracy of the new video game Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

2013    “Scottish Propaganda at the End of Empire,” presented to Texas State University faculty, staff, and students, 16 October

2013    “The End of Britain?” presented to Cambridge in America alumni, University of Texas at Austin, 19 February

2013   “Scotland, Don’t Leave Us,” Panelist on Huffington Post Live discussing the 2014 Scottish referendum on independence, 12 February.  Video available at:      losing/511908d078c90a5ca2000393

2012    “Scots and Africa: A Nation of Empire-Builders in the Era of Decolonisation,” presented at the University of London’s International History Seminar, 12 June

2011    “Piracy through the Ages,” presented at the Wittliff Galleries of Texas State University, 25 October. 

2010    “The Church of Scotland and Anti-Colonialism:  Reality or Creative Myth-Making?” presented at the UHI Centre for History’s Faculty Seminar Series, Dornoch, Scotland, 20 October